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Bajaj Auto Ltd. is one of the most famous brands of two wheelers in India, largely because of their target audience which initially consisted of elder commuters but eventually expanded and focused more on youngsters who consider motorcycles as passionate gadgets rather than just a means of transport. To please their interests, Bajaj Auto brings out trendsetting designs and upmarket features in their motorcycles that are almost always largely cheered at by the teenagers and all those ‘young at heart’ bikers. To complement the company’s efforts and to add to the cheering, LLUVIA Industries manufactures Bajaj bike accessories that are custom-made to the riders’ liking.

About the motorcycle

History of Bajaj Auto
Bajaj Auto Ltd. is world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer and it also happens to be the third largest motorcycle maker across the globe. The company started its auto-production journey back in 1959, by producing Vespa branded scooters by getting a license from Piaggio. Later, the Pune-based firm started producing its own line of products and the Bajaj Chetak and the Bajaj Super which became well known house-hold names across India. In 1986, the brand ventured into motorcycle business, which eventually became its core business towards the turn of the century.
Currently, the Indian brand has alliances and investments with UK-based Triumph Motorcycles and Austrian bike brand KTM. Currently, the Bajaj Pulsar and the Dominar range of bikes are hot favorites in their respective segments. While there is considerable craze in the market for these two models, there aren’t enough customized accessories for these motorcycles. Therefore, we at LLUVIA Industries do our best to understand the requirements and needs of owners of these bikes and we proudly present to them our tailored range of Bajaj bike accessories for the Pulsar and the Dominar motorcycle models.

Evolution of Bajaj Auto
Over the years, Bajaj Auto Ltd. has evolved into a truly global Bike brand. Bajaj two-wheelers and three-wheelers are exported to over 70 countries and the brand has already forged some strong International Alliances. In the past, the company had a technical collaboration with Japenese two-wheeler manufacturer, Kawasaki. The duo launched some blockbuster products like the Bajaj KB100 and the Bajaj Kawasaki Calibre, which took the Indian market by storm. Later in 2009, the two companies decided to take their relationship to the next level by entering into a Sales & Service collaboration.
However, considering Bajaj Auto’s increasing investments in Austrian KTM, the duo probably realized that the relationship was not going to be successful as their interests had started to clash. They amicably called off their partnership later in 2017. In the same year, through an official announcement, Bajaj Auto confirmed that they were getting into an alliance with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd and that they would be focusing on building mid-capacity motorbikes, something that Bajaj felt the demand for and Triumph had yet to explore.

Bajaj Vehicles
At the moment, overall offerings from Bajaj include bikes under the Bajaj brand, KTM range, and multiple three wheelers under the Bajaj IntraCity brand umbrella. Its quadricycle, the Bajaj Qute is also part of its IntraCity brand.
Recently, Bajaj Auto also revived the Chetak brand, by launching a new line of electric scooters. While sales are currently limited to a select few cities like Pune in Maharashtra and Bangalore in Karnataka, it is expected that Bajaj will increase Chetak’s reach in other cities soon.
In India, Bajaj sells bikes under 7 sub-brands, namely Dominar, Pulsar, Avenger, V150, Discover, Platina and CT100. While Platina and CT are typical commuter segment bikes, other bikes have a character of their own.

Bajaj’s latest motorcycle
The Dominar is Bajaj’s latest offering in the mid-sized bike segment which has received a mixed response from customers. Bajaj had introduced the brand with the Dominar 400 but recently launched the Bajaj Dominar 250 to help the model become more affordable. Since its launch in 2017, this motorcycle brand has already reached 18 countries. Earlier, the 250-500 cc motorcycle segment was dominated by the KTM Duke 390 and various models from Royal Enfield. Bajaj had also gotten into some controversy due to its Dominar advertisements where it directly mocked Royal Enfield owners.
Owing to the limited audience of the Dominar 400, there are very limited official Bajaj accessories for the bike, but understanding the niche of the owners of this bike, LLUVIA Industries launched around 25 accessories just for this model which are sold to buyers in almost all the countries this motorcycle is available in.

Bajaj Pulsar Series
The Pulsar happens to be one of its best performing sub brands. Coincidentally, Bajaj has the largest number of offerings under the Pulsar marque. Bajaj Auto claims, it has sold over 1 Crore Pulsar badged motorcycles across the globe.
Currently, the Pulsar range starts from the Pulsar 125 Neon. Earlier Bajaj had experimented with a Pulsar 135 too, but later removed it from its range. The next set of offerings come with a 150 cc motor. These include the standard Pulsar 150, the Pulsar 150 Neon and the Pulsar 150 Twin Disc (with disc brakes on both the wheels). Currently, Bajaj motorcycle accessories for Pulsar 150 and lower are scarce.
Above the 150cc range of motorcycles, Bajaj offers the Pulsar NS160 and the Pulsar 180F Neon. In Bajaj’s nomenclature ideology, NS stands for Naked Sport, RS stands for Race Sport while F stands for Faired. In the 200cc segment, Bajaj sells RS 200 and NS 200 with the Pulsar badge. The 220 F is the bike with the largest engine, however isn’t as costly as its other 200cc bikes in the market.
As far as pricing is concerned, the RS 200 is the costliest Pulsar you can get your hands on. It is followed by the NS 200 and the 220F. We at LLUVIA have a wide range of Bajaj accessories online for the Pulsar 220, NS 200 and RS 200. These include Fork Extenders, Handle Bar Raisers, Adventure Guards, Rear Shock raisers, Saddle Stays, Bash Plates and a lot more. You can select your Bajaj motorcycle on this page by scrolling above and get more details regarding the accessories we have in stock for your specific model. You can also see the Bajaj accessories price list after navigating into the respective motorcycle page.

Bajaj Avenger and Bajaj V150
Other products from Bajaj include the Avenger Cruiser, which too has 3 different offerings, including the Cruiser 220, the Street 220 and the Street 160. Bajaj Auto currently sells the Avenger in 10 countries globally. Bajaj also sells the Bajaj V, which has relation with India’s First Aircraft carrier Ship, INS Vikrant. The company claims that it uses a portion of melted metal from the Vikrant in production of the Bajaj V. The advertisement campaign for the Bajaj V was highly successful and was loved for the message it had conveyed. LLUVIA accessories for Avenger and the like will soon be available online. The links to those pages will be available up top when those Bajaj accessories are ready.

Bajaj Discover
The Discover is one of Bajaj’s new-age brands from the 2000s, which have continued to click well with its customer base. It was launched in 2004 and there was a time when Bajaj had multiple offerings under the Discover brand, however at the moment, Bajaj sells just two standard Discovers, a 110 cc model and a 125 cc model. In the typical commuter segment, Bajaj sells Platina and Bajaj CT, which have their own set of customers, both in India and abroad.

LLUVIA Accessories for Bajaj
We at LLUVIA care about the customers’ needs and requests. We eagerly look forward to your feedback. In case you haven’t been able to find the accessory you were looking for online, do write to us and we will get back to you with the list if available. Given that Bajaj Auto Ltd. launches motorcycles at a highly competitive price, owing to the economy of the target audience, LLUVIA Industries strives to keep the Bajaj accessories price as low as possible without any compromise on quality.

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