Bash Plate for Dominar 400

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Your bike deserves an alien to safeguard its engine.

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including fitting clamps & stainless steel nuts & bolts*
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MRP 5,951

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What we wear projects what we want to become. If style and sophistication is your order, then we’ve got it cooking with a chef in engineering.


Though it’s just a bash plate, this is not just a bash plate. And the first rule of a good add-on design, is that it has to complement its host in fit, finish and style. But it’s in our style to make the host work for it.


The LLUVIA Skid Plate is not just a looker, its also a saviour and a survivor in the harshest of riding conditions. Made of high-strength Aluminium, the bash plate acts as a sacrificial soldier between a treacherous terrain and the brittle engine.

Product images featured above and further in this page are for representational purpose only. They may not be identical to the physical product in terms of appearance or engineering design. Some aspects of the products like mounting provisions may be hidden or different in these images compared to the real product. Gallery photos may show older or different versions of the product. The first product image in this page is the closest representation to the actual product we dispatch currently.

* – For lluvia branded products, whichever requires clamps and / or bolts, nuts or washers. Some products may not need any or all of these. Some products may require high grade mild steel or hardened grade steel fasteners, in which case they will be provided instead of stainless steel ones.

1 review for Bash Plate for Dominar 400

  1. gtxforce2019

    Bash Plate

    It has many nuts and bolts instead of a single piece

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    • Ashwin Ram

      If we made it as a single piece, then you’ll have to throw the entire product away when it gets damaged during hard bump or while off-roading. We developed the Bash Plate as a four-piece assembly so that when any part gets damaged it can be easily repaired, or you can request a replacement of just one of those parts from us, you need not spend for the whole bash plate again.

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