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Handlebar Raisers for Pulsar NS200

One small step up handlebar, one giant leap in riding comfort.
Not compatible for USD fork model

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MRP 2,475

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Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS
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MRP 2,475




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handlebar riser,bajaj pulsar ns200,riding comfort


Bajaj Pulsar NS200 might already be a semi-sports cruiser offering a comparatively relaxed riding position than most of the motorcycles in its segment, but we have made the Handlebar Raisers PRO in order to remove the word ‘comparatively’ from the Pulsar’s description.


Our 25 mm Raisers in Mono-block Construction enable the right riding position and smooth handling the Pulsar NS200 much deserves, as the bike turned out to be more of a tourer than just a home-office commuter.
handlebar riser,bajaj pulsar ns200,riding comfort
handlebar riser,bajaj pulsar ns200,riding comfort


Improves the rider’s sitting position by making the person’s back straight and upright. Improves city handling by reducing the effort needed to make tight U-turns, and negotiating impromptu potholes. Reduces shock to the elbows and shoulders while dipping the front wheel into a deep pothole or a tall speed-breaker by surprise. Enhances cruising comfort to munch hundreds of kilometres non-stop. Prevents the handlebar ends from interfering with a tank bag while taking swift turns.


The LLUVIA Handlebar Riser looks and performs like none other, given its aesthetically pleasing aspect ratio, the sinfully sculpted body curve, and the effortless integration with clip-on handlebars, all in one shot.
handlebar riser,bajaj pulsar ns200,riding comfort

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* – For lluvia branded products, whichever requires clamps and / or bolts, nuts or washers. Some products may not need any or all of these. Some products may require high grade mild steel or hardened grade steel fasteners, in which case they will be provided instead of stainless steel ones.


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handlebar riser,bajaj pulsar ns200,riding comfort
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