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Cancellation / Returns Policy

We accept the return of our product only for warranty replacement. We do not accept returns for any other reasons such as “I don’t like the design after seeing it in person” or “I no longer need it” or “you guys take too much time I don’t want the product anymore” or  “the delivery is delayed so I won’t accept the product” or “the delivery is delayed so I have purchased elsewhere” etc.

We do not reimburse shipping costs for any kind of return of our product. If you have questions about returns, please contact us by phone or email.

Warranty Returns

Our Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects only like cracks formed or breakage upon usage within safe limits. We will provide free replacement for the defective part / sub-component.

Step 1: Email the details why warranty replacement is requested, to (including photos). Our team will communicate (reply to your email) regarding the eligibility for replacement.

Step 2: Courier the part to be replaced to our address mentioned in the contact page of our website. We will not provide reimbursement for the courier charge.

Step 3: We will dispatch the replacement part in 7-15 working days (or longer depending on the product in question as it may be out of production, or discontinued or for reasons that may affect the ability of production or timeline) and share the tracking details via the same email. We will bear the courier charges for sending the replacement part to the customer.

For Powder Coating or similar surface finish, the warranty period is limited to 6 months from the date of dispatch of the order.

There is no warranty of any kind for plastic parts such as Windshield.

There is no warranty for backrest cushion unless it is found damaged upon opening the package, upto 10 days from date of delivery to the customer as per tracking details of the courier.

Products of Third Party category are not tested by LLUVIA, we are reselling these products as they are, and we only verify the working condition of these products. We are unclear about the compatibility of any product on any motorcycle. 

In case we have verified, there would be clear mentioning of the name of the motorcycle on the product title and/or anywhere else on the respective product page. These are usually generic products that can fit on a variety of bikes but require some level of customisation while fitting depending on the motorcycle. 

In case you purchase any product and it doesn’t fit, we can’t take it back. Therefore, if you have any query regarding any product, please feel free to mail us with your question or chat with us on Instagram, we will clarify to the best of our knowledge before you order.

Order Cancellation

We can’t cancel an order after it is dispatched.

If the order is not dispatched yet, if a customer requests cancellation for any reason, we will refund up to 75% of the total value, in 7-10 working days after confirmation from the customer.

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