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Yamaha FZ25 is essentially a quick commuter bike which easily promises a 100 km/h all day long. The makers have refined this bike for more comfortable seating. They have engineered it in a way that comes with low maintenance costs. That is why, although the quality may not be the finest in class, it does come as a well-rounded, wholesome vehicle which may otherwise be quite difficult to find anywhere in the market. Front fender, side panels, and tank shrouds feature Monster Energy logo. Additionally, the bike has Yamalube logo on the left side of the headlamp cowl while the tank shrouds feature an ENEOS logo.

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About the motorcycle


The trusted Blue Core technology of Yamaha has gone into the making of this bike. That should explain the considerable and decent fuel economy. One can expect easily a fuel economy of 35km/liter in a mix of city and highway riding. In a single go, the bike should easily be able to deliver a maximum of 450 km in one sitting.

Engine & Transmission

Yamaha FZ25 features a 249cc, 2-valve, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that boasts of 20.7 bhp of power at 8,000 rpm and 20Nm peak torque at 6,000 rpm. The bore and stroke ratio of the unit stands at 74*58 mm. The engines is a 5-speed transmission. It also features a fuel-injection system which promises smooth fuelling to better help the power delivery. This particular bike can accommodate a max of 14L of fuel when filled to the brim. That combined with excellent fuel economy should offer decent commuting power making it ideal for long-distance rides.

Performance & Handling

The fact Yamaha FZ25 packs a nice 250cc engine combined with the company’s patented Blue Core technology should offer a promise for bike’s economic performance. For improved handling, the bike has been bestowed with a diamond frame chassis. The braking capacity is aided by 282 mm front disc and 220mm rear disc which promises a nice grip and handling on the road. For a comfortable and smooth ride, the engineers have worked up a telescopic front fork and motor shock suspension setup at the rear side.

For optimum traction, FZ25 motorcycle gets wide tubeless tires. For added safety, LLUVIA has mudguard raiser for FZ25 as one of the many Yamaha FZ25 accessories in its stock.

Designing and Style

When looked at from the rear side, Yamaha FZ25 looks a sleek and modern motorcycle with a stylish tidy design.

It almost looks similar to FZ series with the exception that this one sports a bigger engine and some other additional features.

If you look at the front of the bike, you will see bright LED headlights luminous enough for all kinds of lighting conditions. You can also check out foglamp mount by LLUVIA under Yamaha FZ25 accessories. The vehicle is also equipped with rear and front disc brakes that means you get a promise for maximum stopping power that is more than essential for a safe ride. The rear end also features a bright LED light.

The tire huggers look rather sporty and cover the wide rear. Moving on to the exhaust, it looks stubby and short which gives the motorcycle premium look. Engine, side panels, and alloy wheels are also finished in black color. The handlebars can be adjusted with Yamaha FZ25 accessories, namely – handlebar raisers for this bike by LLUVIA.

Important Features

FZ25 is packed with a bunch of added features such as a digital instrument cluster that displays all the vital information, full LED headlight, LED taillight, sport split rails, and split seats. For added comfort during long rides, riders can check out pillion backrest under Yamaha FZ25 accessories. For a throaty exhaust note, it has a stubby silencer.

Final verdict

Yamaha FZ25 is a refined and smooth vehicle that fits nicely in the 250cc segment. However, when all is said and done, it may seem slightly underpowered especially when compared with its other rivals. However, if you are looking for something that can offer a relaxed and smooth ride in typical urban conditions without expecting ‘anything fancy or premium’, then this vehicle should fit the bill.

Overall, the motorcycle is a top-notch vehicle with a promising build quality.

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