Top Rack with Saddle Stay for KTM Duke 125 / 200 / 250 / 390

World’s first adjustable top rack with flat top surface and readymade mounting holes for a lot of add-ons.

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From: 7,283.20





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This is the first of its kind Adjustable Top Rack / Luggage Carrier. The adjustment feature is about extending the position of the carrier plate rearwards of the vehicle. This provides various functional benefits such as allowing more space for piling-up baggages, providing enough room for a pillion rider when there is a top box or a big bag on the luggage rack, and the like.


The LLUVIA luggage rack has provisions to install popular top cases from brands like GIVI, SHAD, Hepco Becker, etc. If you have a top box that isn’t compatible with our carrier plate, you can contact us for a special bracket to make the fitment possible, like in case of Studds Vault or Studds 23-litre box.This Top Rack is also compatible with the Jerry Can Mount available at our store, to mount two extra Fuel Cans for carrying more fuel during a long ride.


One important aspect we considered while designing the Top Rack is that there should be no bolts or protrusions of any kind on the surface of the carrier plate, and we are glad to say that we have achieved it. The top surface is smooth and straight, which will enable mounting third party boxes or fitments without any hinderance.Our Top Rack has a peak load rating of 30 kg, while the recommended load limit is 15 kg for continuous riding.


Binding your saddle bags without saddle stays can be catastrophic in bad days. There have been incidents of saddle bags meeting with hot exhaust and catching fire, to begin with. With our saddle stays, you can mount your bags without any such worries.


Our thoughtfully designed saddle stays not only serves a common purpose, it also makes a style statement when not in use. The pannier frames help flaunt your biker lifestyle and as an entry ticket into an onlooker’s envy.

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